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Sam Ovens and E Learning

Sam Ovens and E Learning

Sam Ovens, of Ovens International Consulting, is a millionaire online business consultant (originally from New Zealand) who heads up his own Internet business consulting and training programs out of New York City. To look at Ovens, one would think he’s a man with the absolute golden touch and a man who’s always lived a life of success and ease. The reality behind Ovens’ story, however, is that he built his empire utterly from the ground up and had to overcome significant failures along the way.

Starting Over In His Parents’ Garage

Just four years ago, in 2012, Ovens quit his corporate job and moved back home and into his parent’s garage. He was determined to make a success for himself as an entrepreneur, but his first attempts failed. After his first year on his own, he had racked up two business failures and fallen deeply in debt. It was not a promising start, but the key is that he refused to give up.

Insight Into the Modern Online Marketplace

Failing in two startups and landing flat broke forced Ovens to really stop and think about how to proceed. What he finally realized is that many companies today have no idea how to utilize the vast power of the Internet as a marketing tool. Ovens capitalized on this realization by creating a system for using online marketing to promote businesses, and to distill his information into a proven system.

The system Ovens created is available today as an online course called E-Learning. This course is now the leading program in the industry, and its success has transformed Ovens from a debt plagued failure into a millionaire who is also a force in the online marketing industry. Today Ovens works as a business coach and advisor, as he oversees his E Learning empire.

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