Saleh Stevens Biography

Saleh Stevens Biography

Saleh Stevens, CEO of Continental Clinical Solutions

Saleh Stevens began his career with Continental Clinical in Continental’s Contract and Regulatory responsibilities, completing dynamic assignments with partnerships around the United States.  With federal contracting and finance in his background, Saleh assumed leadership responsibility in Continental’s mid-Atlantic dedicated research division, based in Baltimore, Maryland.

In 2014, Saleh Stevens assumed the role of President of Research Operations.  By virtue of a newly formed partnership with a California-based SMO, Continental expanded its research endeavors to include an exhaustive list of therapeutic areas with multiphase hosting capabilities.  With an eye on top line growth in the research division tied to the pipeline market for pharmaceutical development, he turned his focus on fortifying an infrastructure that supports a longterm platform for profitability.  Despite lower than expected performance through the first three quarters of 2014, contracts saw an uptick by year end.
Continental’s commitment to having a presence in the local community led to Saleh being the natural choice for assuming the role of CEO in early 2015.  As a Maryland native, Saleh’s ties with community health programs and local leaders made him a perfect match for assuring that Continental serves the community as much as it serves the advancement of science.  Under his direction, Continental has focused significant efforts on bringing relevant clinical studies and health awareness programs to the local population.

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