How to Prevent Learning Loss During Summer Breaks

How to Prevent Learning Loss During Summer Breaks

For generations, the notion of a summer break from formal education has been established in school systems across the globe. This schedule setup is based on the belief that students need a break from the rigors of academics on a regular basis. Developmental and brain science experts agree that that young people need a break from continual scholastic accountability. While this should include various types of “down time,” it doesn’t mean that stopping learning altogether for a period is entirely beneficial. Learning loss in during summer breaks is a very real phenomenon.

The summer season is now in full bloom. Millions of kids are enjoying time away from boring classrooms and strict teachers. This season also provides a little relief for parents from a busy schedule, and time for families to explore vacation options. Though most people are unaware, the summer break is an ideal time to take part in tutoring that is needed for preparation. Some students squeak by their grade levels each year, but are thoroughly unprepared to tackle the challenges of the next grade. A summer tutoring program is a solid way for many students to gain a foothold on next year’s demands.

Many parents stray away from summer tutoring programs because they cannot see the difference between these programs and regularly scheduled school work. Clarity regarding education involves knowing that formal schooling includes many more stressors than just assignments and deadlines. The regular school year places stress on students that sometimes results in the inability to focus, or even to enjoy healthful rest periods. Tutoring during the summer months is far removed from normal school activities. It uses the fact that kids are relieved from school stress to work on lagging areas. There are many studies that suggest a light environment, with plenty of fun stimulus, results in better learning.

Excellent facilities like the Mar Vista tutoring and learning center provide custom tutoring programs that take advantage of relaxed student minds enjoying time away from formal school environments. Incredible tutoring options like in-home, online, and subject-specific arrangements work well for students recovering from a school year, and families who require flexible schedules. These programs are also designed and taught by people who consider themselves to be professional tutors, rather than school-appointed teachers. This means, tutoring is a mutually beneficial endeavor for students and instructors.

Best of all, summer tutoring programs can be tailored to meet specific student needs. This can include generalized tutoring that reinforces grade-appropriate materials, or a focus on specific subjects like math and science. Instead of trying to push information at a time of day that doesn’t coincide with a student’s personal mode of learning, tutoring schedules can be set according to prime intellectual performance periods. Summer tutoring is effective overall because learning happens without stress and complicated school year schedules and anxieties. A few directed summer tutorials can make the difference regarding preparation for the next school year.

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