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David R. Gray, Jr. Offers Unique Insight Into Uplifting Property Tax Lien Stories

David R. Gray, Jr. Offers Unique Insight Into Uplifting Property Tax Lien Stories

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For a homeowner, the idea of facing a situation in which a property tax lien becomes necessary probably doesn’t seem like the kind of circumstance that would lead to an entirely positive outcome or result in an uplifting story with any kind of frequency. David R. Gray, Jr., an attorney who is well versed in real estate investing, has encountered many uplifting stories throughout the course of his professional career and has seen firsthand why the property tax lien law is written and enforced the way it is.

It is worth noting that the state laws concerning property tax liens and county tax sales differ from state to state, but in most cases Gray points out that the laws are written to discourage properties from being forfeited by the original owner. In Illinois, for example, there is a window of at least two-and-a-half years in which the property owner can pay back the delinquent taxes to the owner of the tax lien, which ensures local government receives the revenue from the delinquent taxes while also providing a means through which the homeowner can pay back what is owed.

There have been countless stories in which homeowners have encountered a short-term financial difficulty leading to the inability to pay property taxes, but the subsequent sale of a tax lien to a private investor enables the homeowner to pay back the property taxes at an interest rate much lower than what would have otherwise been possible. In these scenarios, local government is able to avoid a budget deficit due to revenue shortfalls, investors are able to earn a modest return on their investment and homeowners are able to pay back what they owe at a fair rate of interest.

Arizona Businesses Have Strong Track Record of Service and Goodwill

Arizona Businesses Have Strong Track Record of Service and Goodwill

During a time in which cynicism seems to be on the rise when discussing the profit-driven behavior of many of the largest corporations, a number of businesses throughout the state of Arizona have worked diligently in an effort to disprove the notion that the bottom line is always the most pressing concern. While the headlines are often reserved for corporate misdeeds and financial misbehavior, there are far more examples of laudable work coming from the corporate sector than most people realize. Surely Arizona is not the only place in which this is the case, but each of the following stories serve as potent reminders of how businesses in Arizona have long been committed to service and goodwill.

Surprise, Arizona

Recent research into educational outcomes has consistently indicated that the level of success a student experiences in an academic program is tied to their access to certain types of technology. Internet access is critical, but so is access to courses that teach programming and coding skills. Through the use of computer science courses teaching subjects like web design surprise az has seen its students enjoy dramatic improvements.

The technology necessary to conduct these kinds of courses can be quite costly, which is why many area businesses have continually contributed in a variety of ways to make access that much more affordable. Local businesses have offered advanced software programs along with the latest developments in hardware to the school systems, and others have volunteered their time to assist teachers in leading these courses. Through the support of the community and local businesses, area students have been able to benefit tremendously from a program to which they would not have otherwise had access.

Phoenix, Arizona

Communities across the nation have struggled to find a solution to homelessness, adopting programs designed to assist those most in need. Despite all of these efforts, the issue has continued to persist and remains a difficult circumstance to overcome. In Phoenix, the city has done a great deal for the homeless, but one local business was inspired by the story of a mobile beauty salon designed to serve the homeless. While access to the kind of services offered by a beauty salon is rarely thought of as a vital need, the positive effect is immediately evident upon speaking to anyone who has been involved with the project.

Those who have been ensnared by homelessness find it difficult to find gainful employment due to their appearance, which in turn engenders a lack of self-confidence that makes their situation seem even more difficult to overcome. The mobile salon also helps to make people feel cared for, which is also essential for a group that is at an increased risk of falling into a sense of hopelessness. The business that began the mobile salon in Phoenix has seen support for the project grow and it is clear that it has been highly beneficial to the homeless community in Phoenix.

Tempe, Arizona

Home to several institutions of higher learning, businesses in Tempe have consistently assisted students with the many fees they face in their effort to earn a college degree. Even at a state school, the cost of tuition alone can be difficult to afford, not to mention books and the cost of living in the area. Understanding that cost should not be a hurdle to education, many area businesses have founded programs designed to reduce the economic burden students often encounter.

In addition to offering entry-level positions and flexible work hours, a number of businesses also provide programs in which they subsidize some of the costs of education through merit scholarships and academic grants. By rewarding students for their academic efforts, these local businesses ensure that talented students are able to reach their full potential and are not limited due to economic factors largely beyond their control.