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Fitness Celebrities Who Have Never Been to Madera

Fitness Celebrities Who Have Never Been to Madera

Among the many celebrities who have never been to Madera are many fitness gurus (both self proclaimed and genuine).

Jeff Halevy (Facebook)

Harley Pasternak (Harley on Hamstrings)

Mary Helen Bowers

Gunnar Peterson

Anna Kaiser

David Kirsch

Astrid McGuire

Mark Langowski

Justin Gelband

Erin Oprea

Danny Musico

Ashley Borden

Holly Perkins

I was going to link everyone, but after the Harley link talking about hamstrings I got hungry and made myself a sandwich. After reading about health and fitness gurus then making myself a sandwich with more mayo than you’ll imagine, I no longer have the same motivation I had 30 minutes ago.

I do have motivation for a nap!

Where is Madera?

Where is Madera?

Madera is a small town in the Central Valley of California. Once known as the teen pregnancy capital of California while California was the teen pregnancy capital of the US, Madera has shrugged off that old motif and now lives happily in the shadow of Fresno.

Madera is such a popular destination that when you search Madera on Google you’ll find a restaurant listed first. That’s first above the Wikipedia entry and our very own city and county websites.  On the first page you’ll find a Yelp listing for a non-Madera place. Hotels in San Francisco and Washington, DC and eventually the local school district’s website.

This is all fine and dandy for a small town, but Madera has a population of about 70,000 residents!

Madera is also a Spanish word for “wood”. That’s why you see images of wood in the search results picture below.

Madera Search Results