7 Strategies That Will Allow You to Crush Your Direct Sales Goals This Year

7 Strategies That Will Allow You to Crush Your Direct Sales Goals This Year

Chrissy Weems

If you are a direct seller, you might be trying to find out more ways to meet your yearly goals, or even exceed it. Thankfully technology is working well in your favor as it can help you find ways to reach markets that seem unreachable using traditional marketing means.

According to Chrissy Weems, an online entrepreneur, “More direct sellers are turning online to find potential clients. Since the world has become more connected in this digital age, you can have contacts with people you wouldn’t otherwise have if it’s just through person-to-person referrals,”.

So, how exactly can you use the power of the internet to drive more sales as a direct seller? In this post, we will be looking into 6 strategies you can use to win clients over into buying your products.

6 Strategies That Will Allow You to Crush Your Direct Sales Goals This Year


1. Starting a blog

The blog is an inexpensive platform to express your ideas, promote a product, or help others through writing. In order to make use of this strategy to increase your direct sales, you can start a niche blog that is related to your products. If you are selling fashion items, you can start a fashion blog. A health and fitness blog will be ideal if you are a direct sales rep for a nutritional supplement. A blog won’t only give you leads to sell your products, it has other advantages. If you grow your blog enough where it gets a significant amount of traffic, you can also earn income from it apart from your direct sales products.

2. Reaching out through social media

Social media has a personal charm. It puts a person behind a product, and if you engage your audience enough to the point that they trust you, this is the time you can recommend some of your products. Being active in social media by liking, following, and commenting in people’s posts, consistently posting useful information in your feed and posting information about your products can help you find leads for your direct sales business.

3. Cold pitching through e-mails

Although some marketing e-mails may look spammy nowadays, there are still effective ways to find clients through e-mail cold pitching. Find businesses within your niche who might need your direct sales products. If you are selling office supplies, you can cold pitch in companies by messaging key persons. You can start by telling what your product is about and how it can help their business grow, and provide additional details on how they can correspond to your e-mails. Make sure to do this consistently, as more clients you contact, the more deals you can close.

4. Asking for referrals

Do you have previous clients who are satisfied with your products? Regularly ask for referrals to help you find leads for your business. You can also offer an incentive for those referrals to motivate your clients to find other people who might be interested in your products. This will create a ripple effect in increasing awareness of others in your business.

5. Paid advertising

Another helpful strategy is relying on paid advertising. Some direct sales reps might frown on this strategy because you actually have to spend before you earn. Chrissy Weems says, “Paid advertising can be effective if you create a good ad copy. If you get sales through these paid ads, you can make more income multiple times over than the amount you paid for setting them up,”. Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads can be set at your own budget. The great thing about paid ads is that they are highly targeted, which means that people who are interested in your niche will be the ones getting to see your products.

6. Create webinars

Have you heard the term “webinars”? These are seminars that can be done online, without having to set up a physical place for viewers to meet. You can make use of a good webcam and a microphone and you’re all set. Creating free and useful webinars for potential clients will allow you to find sales leads as well. By providing useful information in your webinars, you can explain the benefits of purchasing your product, present trusted testimonials and explain payment processes as well.

7. Online public marketplace

Another way to sell products is through the public marketplace. Popular ones are eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist, and the ones that are starting to be big is Facebook Marketplace. Post your products with a professional-looking picture, concise descriptions, and helpful reviews. Place your contact number to for clients to reach you efficiently if they have inquiries about your products.

Applying these strategies will not only help you find potential buyers, it will also allow you to increase your online presence for other business endeavors in the future.

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